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Limited Warranty
This warranty is, to the best of our ability, a clear and realistic statement of the performance you should anticipate from your new Livingston furniture, and what to expect of us if a problem should occur.

The most visible component of your new furniture, the fabric you have selected, is also one that will show the earliest signs of normal wear and use. Fabric wear characteristics vary widely and are very difficult to predict. Brilliant color, interesting surface texture, a pleasing touch, and other sought-after qualities in upholstery fabrics are often achieved with some trade-off durability.

Your satisfaction with the wear of your fabric selection will, to a large degree, depend both on the manner in which you use and care for your furniture AND a realistic view on what you should expect from fabric performance. It cannot be guaranteed that your fabric selection will perform exactly as you expect.

However, with complete confidence in our own proven internal components and construction methods, we are pleased to make you these promises:
Frame and Springing Systems
The wooden frame and spring construction will be free of manufacturing and material defects for the life of the original fabric covering. This portion of the warranty remains in effect as long as the original cover is in place and providing normal service, but will be void in cases of obvious abuse of the furniture.
Sleep Sofa Mechanisms
Steel sleep sofa mechanisms will be free of defect and structural failure for a period of five years. Bending or warping caused by improper operation or extraordinary stress can normally be corrected in the field with little expertise, and would not be considered structural failure. Obvious abuse will void this warranty.
Sleep Sofa Innerspring Mattresses
Innerspring sleep sofa mattresses will be free of material and manufactured defect, and capable of providing normal sleeping support without spring unit failure, for a period of five years.

These mattresses are produced under specifications that carefully balance firmness and comfort of the mattress against the requirement of folding it into the mechanism. They will function very well with frequent use, but are not designed for use ever night, week after week. Depending on the frequency of use, the mattress padding may eventually exhibit some conformance to body shape. Many cycles of folding into and against the metal mechanism may eventually rub small holes in the bottom cover in isolated areas, but these would not be in normal view nor detract from the comfort of the mattress. These conditions of advanced wear would not be considered defects covered by this warranty.
Tailoring and Other Considerations
Livingston further warrants, for one year from purchase date, that your furniture will be free of tailoring and padding defects. This includes such occurrences as seam or button failures, and abnormal shifting or compacting of padding materials.

A word about polyester fiber-filled backs and pillows: the particular comfort and appearance achieved only with fiber is highly desirable. But polyester fiber of even the highest quality will pack to some extent over time as the individual fibers gradually align and pack together. This characteristic is not considered a defect under this warranty. Fortunately, the fibers can be separated by hand and “re-fluffed” to near-new condition. Attached backs with fiber filling are zippered when practical to allow easy access for adjusting or adding filling. All of these backs have lined bags to prevent the fiber from settling.
Upholstery Fabric
Livingston’s position on fabric performance is based on the policies of the mills which actually manufacture the fabrics for the upholstered furniture industry. These mills do NOT warrant your fabric against fading, pilling, flagging, shrinking, staining, or matting. Therefore, neither does Livingston.

Livingston does warrant the fabric on your new furniture against obvious failures of weave or fiber strength, which exclude the above conditions, for one year from purchase date. This warranty is valid under conditions of normal care and use only, and will be void in cases of misuse, abuse, or failure to keep the furniture reasonably clean.

Please be aware that most fabric mills consider the application of any fabric protection treatment to be a chemical and physical alteration of the fabric. Thus, they will assume no responsibility for the fabric’s performance after such a treatment. Any such application, therefore, voids this fabric warranty.
Warranty Service
Should you need service under the terms of this warranty, contact the retailer from whom you purchased your furniture. To validate your coverage you must, at the time of your claim, furnish a copy of your purchase invoice showing date, description of product, and amount paid. The retailer will report the claim and related information to Livingston and assist us in arranging service.

If the problem is covered under this warranty, Livingston will repair or replace the item, at our option. Should Livingston factory repair be necessary, transportation from your retailer to the factory will be arranged at no charge to you. However, transportation from your home to the retailer is your responsibility, and any costs of such are not covered by this warranty.

Livingston factory repairs are given top priority, but the total time you will be without furniture will depend greatly upon transportation logistics, and may extend to several weeks.

Repair under warranty coverage will be performed only to the extent necessary to correct the warrant problem. Fabric parts replaced during repair may vary significantly from original in shade or pattern.

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